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Since the very start of his musical career, Tim has made up his own musical ideas which in fact would frequently lead to some dispute with his piano teacher who actually made an effort to teach him play unambiguously notated classical pieces. At age ten, he started focussing on writing songs within the pop/rock domain. Throughout high school, he gained constant experience in this field writing all the musical repertoire for all his bands over years. 

During his studies, Tim continued writing songs for his own projects in addition to offering his compositions to artists he worked with as a producer.

Main influences: Lennon/ McCartney, Coldplay, Switchfoot, The Fray, Rick Beato, Jacob Collier, Linkin Park, Hillsong


Having written and produced his own and other artists' music for years, Tim has unbrokenly grown his expertise in merging all the different musical elements making up the final layouts of instrumentation to be pursued at recording and production stage. He is experienced in discussing questions of arrangement with his clients besides providing keyboard, string and choir arrangements ready to be recorded.

Main influences: Rick Beato, Warren Huart

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