'Over the years, I have had the chance to contribute to quite a range of different record projects as either a sound engineer or a music producer, from single to EPs and albums.

I am very grateful for the faith so many artists from different genres have had in me.

Here is a little overview covering records I have either recorded, mixed, mastered or produced, or where I have been asked to complete all of those tasks.

You will find pretty much every genre of western popular music here, so enjoy having a look around!'

Projects Tim has worked on as a producer and/or engineer.
Tim Hocks Carry The Fire
justmichealak Tim Hocks
Tim Hocks Madeline Rebel
Tim Hocks Justmichealak
Tim Hocks Reizdarm
Joachim Raffel You Tim Hocks
Tim Hocks SAE Institute London Soundcloud
Tim Hocks Alina Gramsch
Tim Hocks Skybound
Tim Hocks Fire In The Air
Tim Hocks Emma Wrong
Tim Hocks I Know Micheal Akinolushola Justmichealak
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Tim Hocks Believe In Love
_P6A1111 copy (2).jpg
Tim Hocks Freedom micheal.
Tim Hocks Bird Project Mamba Negra
3 Coverartwork Breathing In.jpg
Tim Hocks Keighton
Tim Hocks Poolboy and The Sharks My Touch
Tim Hocks Reizdarm
Tim Hocks Kilkenny Band
Tim Hocks Blazzmusic
Tim Hocks Rijo Music
Tim Hocks Rijo Music
Tim Hocks Bioholz
Tim Hocks Keighton
Tim Hocks references
Tim Hocks references
Tim Hocks references

Alina Gramsch (Worship artist, Osnabrück/ DE)

Augenblick (Choir, Wegberg/ DE)


Ballett-Studio Schwanensee  (Ballet school, Schwanenberg/ DE)

Blazzmusic (Blues band, Erkelenz/ DE)

Bioholz (Funk band, Viersen/ DE)

The Bird Project (World Music duo, M'gladbach/ DE)

Bouff Kerlitz (EDM DJ, Kamp-Lintfort/ DE)

Burger Weekends (Punk band, Osnabrück/ DE)

Christian Rannenberg (Blues pianist, Berlin/ DE)

Deniz, Pisayko (Rap artist, Hamburg/ DE)

D. Nudel (Rap artist, Mönchengladbach/ DE)

Emma Wrong (EDM Project, Bremen, DE/ DE)

ESG-Band (Worship band, Osnabrück/ DE)

Igor Santini (Singer-songwriter, Italy)

Keighton (Indie Rock band, Düsseldorf/ DE) 

Kilkenny Band (Folk band, Osnabrück/ DE)

Lars Ortrud (EDM duo, Berlin/ DE)

Madeline Rebel (Singer-Songwriter, Chicago/ USA)

Major Two (Jazz duo, Osnabrück/ DE)

micheal. (Gospel, London/ UK)

Natalie Diart (Jazz singer, Heinsberg/ DE)

Oz Romita (EDM DJ, Amsterdam/ NL) 


Poolbody And The Sharks (EDM DJ, Bremen, DE/ DE)

Rafael Eberhardt (Singer-Songwriter, Cologne/ DE)

Reizdarm (Punk band, Erkelenz/ DE)

Rijo Music (Function band, Weinsheim/ DE)

Sanity (Symphonic Metal band, Berlin/ DE)

Scapsis (Rap artist, Heinsberg/ DE)

Shredders (Punk band, Baal/ DE)

Skybound (Worship band, Osnabrück/ DE)

Son Ov Samson (Hip-hop artist, London/UK)

Stoneflies (NuGrunge band, London/UK)

Stroke (Metal band, Erkelenz/ DE) 

Stereovibes (Cover band, Osnabrück/ DE)

Tommy Schneller (Blues artist, Osnabrück/ DE)

The Bird Project (World Music Project, Mönchengladbach/ DE)