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‘Whenever I see a piano somewhere, I feel an urgent need to get over and have a gentle stroke over its wooden surface in the least, just to let it know I appreciate its presence and we’re connected. Playing the piano has become an extension of my soul and a instinctive way of expressing myself as a human being.’

Tim Hock piano
Tim Hocks piano

Tim started playing the piano at the age of seven when starting to take classical lessons with Wickrath based private teacher Sigrid Voß. This inspirational relationship was to be continued for almost twelve years forming the foundation of his musicianship until today. During his early teens, he felt himself being driven more and more towards rock and jazz music, resulting in taking further lessons exploring these musical fields with Gero Körner in Aachen and Christoph Erbse in Odenkirchen. In preparation for his auditions at the academy of music of Osnabrück University, Tim intensified his studies with Aachen based piano instructor Robert Scholtes and his former high school teacher and mentor Michael Forg in Erkelenz, both being successful graduates of the conservatory of Cologne.

At Osnabrück University, Tim passed the auditions for both classical and jazz piano and decided to enrol in the jazz department, becoming a student of jazz pianist Joachim Raffel by whom he was mentored until his graduation. As a player of the white and black keys, Tim has a gained broad experience in various band, jazz combo and big band scenarios as well as in classical solo and ensemble settings.

Main influences: Keith Jarrett, Esbjörn Svensson, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Daniel Barenboim

Tim Hocks upright piano
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