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At age 14, Tim took his first steps on his path as a producer of recorded music tracking the music of the high school bands he played in. He entered the professional stage five years later, working with professional classical singer Natalie Diart on her first jazz album. Lately, Tim produced his some of his own musical projects (Skybound, Madeline Rebel) as well as adding production work to recordings of his clients (Bioholz, Reizdarm).

Main influences: Rick Beato, Warren Huart

Tim Hocks producing
Tim Hocks studio


The microphone in the hand of an experienced engineer is very similar to the brush in the hand of a painter. What thrills Tim most about recording music is the almost sporting challenge of getting as close as possible to a sound quality that doesn't even need to be mixed anymore. Thus, he is a very convinced user of high quality outboard gear already at recording stage if suitable for the musical project. Tim has enjoyed the mentorship of German recording and mixing engineer Marcus Praed (Tito & Tarantula, Tommy Schneller, Blues Company, Hardy Schwetter,...) which he will forever be thankful for.

Main influences: Marcus Praed, Graham Cochrane, Warren Huart, Bobby Owsinski

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