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Despite his young age, Tim can already build on the experiences of having mixed music in studio situations for years. So far, he has covered almost every relevant genre of modern popular music from blues, rock and metal over jazz, choir music and folk to EDM, hip hop and worship (See References!).

Tim has been assistant to German mixing guru Marcus Praed who mentored him at his studio 'Mühle der Freundschaft' during his study time in Osnabrück.

He is capable of  both mixing in the box and on large studio consoles as well as running hybrid mixing setups.

Main influences: CLA, Dave Pensado, Graham Cochrane, Andrew Scheps, Marcus Praed, Young Guru, Bobby Owsinski, Shane Shanahan

Tim Hocks mixing


Tim Hocks mastering

To many people, (pre-)mastering music seems to be an almost spiritual if not magical procedure. Indeed, taking care of a music project which might have been carefully put together over months and providing it with the final technical and creative sonic adjustments it needs to be ready for release, is a highly responsible task.

Whenever being chosen as a mastering engineer, Tim enjoys this chance of bringing his musically and technically trained ears to the table to make his clients walk out of the studio with a smile on their face.

Having mastered music in his own studio for years, Tim has also enjoyed the mentorship of Kai Blankenberg, one of the most renowned mastering engineers in Germany (Lady Gaga, Aura Dione, Beatsteaks, Bourani, Die Toten Hosen, Silbermond, ...).

Main influences: Kai Blankenberg, Bob Katz, Ian Shepherd, Rob Williams, Shane Shanahan

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