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Live Performance.

In the course of his musical career, Tim has had the opportunities to perform as pianist and keyboardist, drummer and percussionist, bass and guitar player, background and even lead vocalist in the domains of classical, pop and jazz music. He has played more than 500 shows so far and takes great pleasure in gigging with his own projects along with being invited as a guest musician.

Tim Hocks live
Tim Hocks live sound

Live Sound.

Although the heart of Tim's work as a sound engineer is the recording studio, he occasionally can be found behind the mixing desk at live shows also.  He has provided live sound in small clubs as well as large music venues and gained experience assisting professional live sound engineers.

In 2019, he mixed main stage foh for ‚Bulldozerat Storm Crusher Festival in Bavaria. Tim likes to implement live mixing concepts into studio mixing, especially in terms of automation and fader riding.

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