‘Playing the drums very likely is the most natural manner of musical expression for me. I wanted to become a drummer eversince and the only reason for not ending up as one was my drum instructor turning me down as a little boy at intake day saying: ‘If you want to learn any instrument properly, you have to learn the piano first’’

Despite this quite consequential point of his early musical career, at the age of ten, Tim finally got accepted by his teacher Ralf Baumann who is primarily known as the first percussionist of the Mönchengladbach symphony orchestra. Under Baumann's guidance, he didn’t only learn how to play drum set and latin percussion, but was also instructed in classical timpani, orchestral percussion and mallets. During his teens, he won several prizes in the most renowned German music contest for junior musicians, ‘Jugend Musiziert’ at various levels. At Osnabrück university, Tim studied drums as a secondary subject. He has played in several semiprofessional and professional bands since being a teenager.

Main influences: Jeff Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Aaron Spears, Benny Greb, Jack DeJohnette

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