'I’ve always loved music, and I’ve always loved sound. Just a few months old, I started drumming the hell out of my mum's kitchen pots.

At the age of six, I invited my friends to record imaginary radio programmes on my

cassette recorder. As a teenager, I took my band's first audio interface home to study how to use it, because nobody wanted to read the manual.

By the time I was eighteen, I realized

I was dissatisfied with my mixes so far and wanted my productions to sound like the ones of my heroes. This was when I decided to go professional in music and audio and help other musicians achieving the best quality possible with their own recordings.'

Tim Hocks is a London based musician, music producer and audio engineer from Erkelenz/Germany, currently studying Audio Production at SAE Institute in London.

As a graduate of Osnabrück University in Germany, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Jazz piano, drums, bass guitar) and Protestant Theology.

His skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, conducting; piano/ keys, drums, bass, guitars, vocals; recording, editing, mixing, mastering; live performance and live sound.

He is the owner of a fully equipped recording studio with industry standard digital and analog equipment located in Erkelenz/Germany and a member of several British and German bands. 

Having been involved in countless single, EP and album productions from a wide range of musical genres, his productions have been warmly embraced by the public, received good press in music magazines and achieved airplay on both national and international radio stations.

Beyond that, Tim has been a member of more than two dozen bands from jazz big bands to functional and metal bands since the age of eleven.

In January 2019, he released his debut single as a solo artist,  'Breathing In'. The song was covered in multiple large-scale newspapers, magazines, blogs and radio programmes. In February 2019, it was nominated for a radio contest on 'WDR 2', one of the largest radio stations in Germany.

His debut EP 'Carry The Fire' was released in November 2019 and is available in digital and CD format.

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