‘Due to my father playing in rock bands for as long as I can remember, I was exposed to the magnificent range of electric keyboard and organ sounds even in a prenatal state. My love for the hammond organ will be life-long. and as intense as can be’

Finding his first keyboard as a present under the Christmas tree as a kid, Tim quickly developed a sense for all the different musical timbres and sonic textures to be created by a keyboardist and the limitless world of imagining and setting up new original sounds. At the age of 14, he bought his first single manual hammond organ keyboard, followed by his first analog synth two years later. By now, he has switched to a full-size double manual Hammond organ and is the proud owner of a fine collection of both analog and digital synthesisers as well as different modern synthesizer workstations and digital sound libraries. Tim has played keyboards for a variety of professional bands and artists, both live and in the studio.

Main influences: Greg Phillinganes, Herbie Hancock, Steve Winwood, Jimmy Smith, Jordan Rudess 

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